Fabric Digital

The full stack development of an SEO agency's website.

My Brief

Fabric Digital supplied me with the desktop design for their new 2018 website, and briefed me to develop the site to be mobile friendly and include a content management system. Working alongside their in-house designer Ekkapob Adhikomprapa, I was able to quickly and effectively translate the desktop designs to mobile and tablet, and begin the production of the project.

Fabric Digital Homepage

The Fabric Digital website involves a multilevel navigation, with the large number of services that they offer. We decided that the navigation needed to flow in an organic way to ensure the user would not become lost. By sliding the navigation links out of an into view as they are needed, the user is made aware of the transition that has taken place, and does not become confused at the outcome after clicking a link. 

Bringing the site to life

A key aspect of the Fabric Digital website was to bring the content to life. To make everything feel organic from the way that it moves or interacts with the user.

Along with other aspects in the project, the team page is a great example of these features. As the user interacts with a team member by hovering (or touching on mobile devices) their photo, the photo changes to a video. This gives a great glimpse into this person's personality or the role they play within the business.

Fabric Digital Team