Nicks Components & Accessories

The Design and Development of a new business website.

Our Brief

Nicks Components and Accessories Ltd. is a timber processing company that specialise in the manufacture of special timber products for the building industry of New Zealand.

Nicks was in the need of a new and modern website that they could utilise as a tool to communicate with their customers.

I were briefed with both the design and development of this project. We discussed how the website would be structured, how content would be animated and and how key features would function. There are many components of this site that could have been laid out in a very default way which would have made the information quite bland and hard for the user to digest. My main goal for this project was to provide the user with large and clear examples of both the work that Nicks produces, and the materials that are available, so they are able to navigate the site with ease, and gain a thorough understanding of what Nicks has to offer. This site is available to view at

Nicks Components & Accessories Homepage
Customer Interactions

A key feature on this site was an overview of each of the types of naturally durable timber that Nicks has access to. This section required images of each type of wood available for the customer's project, and needed to show the customer if the timber was sustainably harvested. Nicks Components & Accessories is very pro sustainable resources so this was a must for this page.

We came to the conclusion that the best way to show the customer their timber options, was with large thumbnail images, including the ability to filter the timber by colour, or to display only sustainable timber options in order to prevent the customer becoming overwhelmed by the wide range of options (40+).

African Rosewood
Tasmanian Oak
American Black Walnut
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