Huntley & Palmers

The front end development of the Huntley & Palmers brand website.

My Role.

While working at Tell, I was given the Huntley & Palmers brand website as a front end development project, assisting with design aspects here and there.

This site is available to view at

Home Page.

The home page of the Huntley & Palmers brand website contains a content manageable landing grid which displays the brand's current promotional product and theme. This section is developed to have each image grow proportionally to the amount of text written in the bottom left-hand box.

Below this landing section is a filterable arrangement of recipes and other content. These tiles load in a random orientation on each page load, giving the site a new feel each time the page is loaded. This was a challenge to code in such a way that the back end developer could easily loop though the recipes, and apply the different templates.

Huntley & Palmers Home
Product Page.

The product page features a similar layout to what is seen on the home page, although the client now has the choice of orientation for each product they release, giving them the opportunity to display an amazing photograph of the product in the best orientation.

Huntley & Palmers Products
Contact Page.

The footer section on the site can be different, depending on the page you're on. To achieve this, I broke the code into multiple files, allowing the backend developer to include only the aspects that were necessary. The footer was designed in this way as not every page needed to include the sign-up form, the Contact Page being an example.

Huntley & Palmers Contact