Tell Digital Experience Agency

The front end development of a creative agency's website.

My Role.

I was assigned this development project while employed at Tell. The project was a redesign of the company website; I was given the task of developing the front end of the site. Utilizing various libraries such as GSAP and Scrollmagic, I created effects that work across multiple browsers dating back to IE9. These effects include an animated background colour that changes as the user scrolls. I wrote the code to be as agile as possible so that making changes, if necessary, is as easy as adding a word into an array, or adding a colour to a Sass map.

This site is available to view at

Tell Digital Experience Agency Home Page
Adding the Little Details.

The contact page was clearly in need of a little more personality, so as a team we discussed options as to what could make it more interesting. We came up with ideas such as displaying the currently playing Spotify song on the footer of the page. In the end, these sets of clocks were decided upon. These were a fun little detail to add to the site.

Tell Digital Experience Agency Contact Page