The front end development of the Whittaker's brand website.

My Role.

I was assigned this development project while employed at Tell. I am very proud to have been a part of the development of the latest Whittaker's brand website. My main role in this site was the front end development of their 'Our Story' page, some smaller pages such as the Recipes sections, and the FAQ page. The Our Story page features an SVG animated horse and carriage which I had to redraw from a supplied PNG still image. Utilising GSAP and ScrollMagic, I was able to create a very realistic moving horse as an exciting and fun feature for the site.

This site is available to view at whittakers.co.nz.

Whittakers Our Story
The Whittakers Horse & Carriage 

A key element to this page is the Whittakers Horse & Carriage. This artwork was supplied as a single frame, PNG image, which I then traced into an SVG image, adding the extra necessary frames to the graphic. I then animated this using a combination of GSAP's Morph SVG Plugin, and a frame by frame style animation I created using jQuery. 

Here is a video of the animated horse as seen on the actual Our Story page.