Revealing The Secret Place

Everyone often craves God’s protection and assurance of His presence in times of trouble. Our desire to always be in the shadow of God’s wings through life’s challenges and circumstances leaves us panting after the sovereign power of God.

  • Have you ever wondered why you desire and need to feel safe or protected from harm?
  • Have you ever been stuck between a rock and a hard place to be divinely rescued from danger?
  • Have you probably heard the phrase “THE SECRET PLACE” often used by most Christians to affirm or express their place of communion with the Father
  • Would you like to know what this may mean?
  • Would you like to know what the secret place is for yourself and access it for life?

This book will help answer the bogging questions above and reveal what’s behind the secret place to you. It is divinely inspired and written based on Psalm 91, with particular emphasis placed on the first verse of this Psalm to bring light to God’s promises embedded within the texts of scripture.

I encourage you to find God’s promises and blessings as you surrender to Him.
The secret place is accessible to you.


Available in Paper back only 

The Author

Elizabeth Davies

Elizabeth Davies

Elizabeth Davies is a passionate lover of God, dedicated to bringing awareness about God's divine protection and restorative power in a believer's life, helping many walk-in faith, and absolute dependency on God.

Elizabeth strongly advocates the power of prayer. Prayer is an essential tool that believers must utilize; prayer unlocks mysteries, creates power, brings answers, and connects us to God.

She is strategically positioned to empower many to walk in purpose and achieve excellence in their different spheres of influence through living a surrendered life to God.